If you buy from someone who is not an Authorized Dealer, the product will not function.
You will be banned from SecondLife if you are caught with an UnAuthorised/Stolen Product.
To see a list of people due to be banned Click Here

Our full range of Quantum Products is available through our Main Shop, with popular items also available from Authorized Dealers, and Xstreet.

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Darling Brody Darling Brody


Quantum Products - Authorized Dealers List

SmallButt Mighty Paintball Magic
Mace Redstar Tux Winkler
AJax Straaf B00tsy Compton
Zimzim Yongbo Xantarius Cain
Camron Morrisey Sasha2uand4u Shostakovich
Thorton Maurer jotaro Watanabe
PM Sands Ronin McGinnis
Hughes Howard Flux Afterthought
330524 Janus Wyrdwolf Legion
MeGaByTe Pienaar  sebastian8000 Nootan

Dealers wanting to be listed with a banner on this page should contact Darling Brody in-world with their landmark and 300x150 banner graphics.

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