Below is a quick overview of products available though Quantum Products, as at November 2009


QHUD / Quantum Core : Flagship personal protection, multi tool, survival kit for SecondLife
Nova Mine : High energy Mine designed to blow up vehicles
Quantum Laser : Arm mounted lazer weapon with HUD
Quantum Sceptre : Hand held magic wand with HUD
QBot : Robotic pet with shields and weapons
Quantum Nuke : Region wide explosions, kills, and orbits


Kill 4 Kash : Combat HUD that pays money when you win. See


Prim Bin : Prevents prim litter
State of Grace : Ejects people who fire guns
Security Bot Extreme : Land Privacy
Anti Camper Bot : Removes bots from camping chairs
Force Field : Door made from energy field


Region Fire : Alters the shape of the land with huge explosions
Crater Maker : Makes a 30m impact crater in the land
Mountain Maker : Makes realistic mountains


Star Gate : Inter-region Teleporter based on TV Show
Quantum Teleporters : Single Prim, Private/Public, Pay/Free, region wide Teleporters with cool effects
Tardis Teleporters : Private/Public, Pay/Free, region wide Teleporter based on Doctor Who's Tardis
Quantum Portal : Inter-Region Teleporters that are networked
Crystal Teleporters : A Quantum Teleporter with a crystal design
Large Teleporters : Large Teleporters in various designs for use in arrival areas
Stone Teleporters : Teleporters designed to blend into a natural environment
SciFi Teleporters : Large range of Teleporters with Science fiction designs
...and much more.


Eyes : Avatar
Galaxy Station : Large Space dome and Science Fiction teleporter
Space City : Region sized Space City
Base of Operations : Building
The Tomb : Building
Desk : Animated computer desk
Griefer Bear : Art
Dynamic Speech Bubble : Communication device
Governor Linden : Art
Battle Bot : Avatar
Lightning Armour : Avatar