History of a SecondLife addict

Darling Brody's Story

Darling Brody, noobie fashion victim

Buying my first land in the region Meyers

Made myself a rocket ship and went flying in a sandbox

Met a dalek, who shot me down

...so I build a Tardis to combat the evil Daleks.

...and got shot dead by a griefer invading my Tardis.

Experimented with particles to decorate the inside of my rocket

...and became addicted to particles!

From the very early days I was fascinated with Teleporters. They are so sparkly!

Went exploring and got ambushed and killed by daleks

They followed me home and harassed my date! No pixel sex for me :(

I created a secret base to hide from the daleks

...and designed a weapon to combat the daleks

The Daleks were quickly defeated

I started selling a magic wand weapon, and used it on Spike Linden

Spike started hunting for me!

I started work on a StarGate Teleporter in an attempt to escape Spike

...and got orbited.

Spike staked out my shop waiting for me

I cloned myself to mislead Spike, while I made my escape

...and I got orbited again!

I started selling my improved Quantum Laser

I started selling the Quantum Sceptre too

My shop started to earn enough money to cover my land tier

Brave people volunteered to help in my tests of high energy prims

...and I "accidentally" crashed the region!

I continued to develop Teleporters in my secret laboratory

..when the lindens weren't crashing the grid!

...or the griefers crashing my shop...

..or my experimental orbitors were not crashing the region!

I discovered the Quantum Crystal Mine...

...and developed my first Crystal based shield

I met my first scammer who tried to steal my products

I had him banned, so he put up protest signs using his alt

He put a bounty on my head using his alts. I had him banned again!

I started work on the Quantum Badge, later to be known as Quantum Core v2

I tested it on Loki and got killed

My friends were very upset at my messy demise

I went into the light....

...was judged by my ratings...

...and reincarnated as a cat!

I discovered the hard way that cats cant drive...

...and was reincarnated as a Neko

Met a griefer using my weapon.  It burned out when he tried to use it on me!

I started to design my first HUD for the upcoming Quantum Core v3

The Quantum Mines were able to turn out some large crystals...

...which were reinforced with a strong framework & interceptors...

..and tested extensively...

..until I was satisfied that nothing on the grid could get through!

The massive Quantum HUD also evolved into an elegant design

Everyone wanted to have a go at testing my shields...

...but no one could get through.  No mater how big their "sword" was!

I was so confident in my shields I built my house in Rausch combat region

All who apposed me kissed their ass goodbye! (evil laugh)

Nude griefers in my shop kissed something else!

no one was safe...

not the noobies...

defiantly not the noobies...

Not even the safe zone was safe!

...my customers were not safe...

...there was no end to my evil

Stories of my griefer exploits became larger than life

I still continued with my Teleporter obsession

..and blew myself up!

I was reincarnated as Darling Dragon

I learned how to use my power responsibly

I found my inner peace and became one with the crystals

...and graduated to the status of adult dragon

I battled against the evil weebees

I finally harnessed the true power of Quantum

...and became human once more

I apologised to those I hurt, and partied down with them

I turned my attention to creating unique products

using Quantum Energy for good instead of evil

Exciting new products were developed

Who could have known pulling the plug would have caused that

Combining orbit, Teleporter and weapons technology made unique defences

...with eye popping results!

..and some unfortunate accidents

...until things worked just right

Experiments continued to contain Quantum Crystal energy

Some containment systems were very pretty

...others were too long

...while some were far to large

A design was finally selected

...and carefully tested under combat situations

The iconic Quantum Core v3 hit the market

Shops all over the place started selling it

Combat regions were soon full of Quantum Crystals

Even the Lindens wanted to play

I took a tropical holiday...

...and discovered a new type of crystal

The new crystal inspired a new Core design

The Grid Gods became scared of it's power and intervened

...but it was to late. Quantum was indestructible!

The new technology was applied to old favourites like Quantum Sceptre

The region "Quantum" was carved out of the grid

Soon after the Combat Crater was discovered

...and the Quantum Estates were born

old battles were forgotten

HAY!  Who orbited me?

A new home is created

Construction begun on a new shop

...and the customers came

Factories had to be built to keep up with demand for Quantum Crystals

much fun was had by all visitors

...although some people met a sticky end

new shields were created and tested

Darling's particle addition continued...

Quantum attended expos and trade shows

...where Darling put people to sleep ( wake up Jadz0r! )

Quantum Products had found it's place in Second Life

...and Darling Brody was happy

Darling Brody, Establish Developer